Vertical form, fill and seal machines

Semi-automatic to high speed vertical form fill and seal machines. We offer liquid, powder, multi-head weighers and cup filling systems to automate with our range of bagging machines.

Pentavac Piccola

Pentavac Piccola is a vertical packaging machine. As the name suggests, it is small machine but strong and reliable at the same time. It is ideal for small and medium companies with production up to 25/30bags per minute both for products of food and non-food products.

  • Available both in painted and stainless-steel version
  • It can realize pillow bags as well as gusseted bags
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning
  • User friendly, multilingual touch screen
  • Ergonomic design that makes the manual feeding easy
  • Speed of up to 25-30 bags/minute (mechanical speed 45 bags/minute).

Penta 2100

Penta 2100 is a medium size, efficient and reliable automatic packaging machine. The compact size of the frame allows to bring the machine in workshops with little or narrow space. The machine can be mounted on wheels for easy maneuvering.

Penta 2100 can be supplied in a 45 ° inclined version that is more suitable for packaging of fragile products that could be damaged or broken during the packaging process.

  • Available in stainless steel version
  • Easy operation by colour Touch Screen panel with symbols and graphic commands on screen
  • Can be fitted to be used with several kinds of feeding equipment, weighers, fillers, depending on the product
  • A complete series of accessories is available on demand: photocell for printed film registration, gas flushing devices, easy opening cut device, euro hole hanger, carry handle.
  • The wide range of forming collar types allows to make pillow bags, block bottom bags, with sealing in the centre or on the side
  • Programmable vibrating bowl feeder for piece count
  • Line with cup conveyor
  • Volumetric filler with telescopic cups
  • Line with cup conveyor
  • Speed up to 50bags/min (mechanical speed 70bags/min)
  • Speed for the inclined version up to 30 bags/ min (mechanical speed 50bags/min)