Bottle Unscrambling

Our wide range of bottle and container unscrambling machine from low volume small production machine with tool free change overs to high speed lines.

EX-US1 Bottle Unscrambler

The EX-US1 Bottle unscrambler is a machine used to feed bottles onto production lines in the bottling industries. Its purpose is to feed bottles automatically at high speeds eliminating the expensive, inefficient manual labour of this process.


  • Dimension one metre
  • Frame table top material 304 stainless steel
  • Drive type geared motor direct drive
  • Conveyor speed existing to be confirmed so we can offer the correct speed for table.
  • Support stand
  • Top of table 900mm (+/- 50mm) to be confirmed and advised by customer
  • Guide rails to suit customer’s bottles/containers with adjustable rails.
  • Extended crossover rails for customer to cut to suit existing conveyor
  • Start stop by means of inverter remote stop in IP65
  • Fully wired
  • Table input requirement 1 phase 240vt / 50hz

Transfer Belt Unit

Transfers bottles from one conveyor to another allowing batch coding.

  • Complete with frame/supports adjustable width feed belts
  • Variable speed drive and separate control unit.
  • We will supply a backup sensor on to the labelling machine to stop the feed automatically in a backup