Hot Filling

Excel are the UK leading specialist in the supply of liquid filling machines from our semi-automatic to full high speed turnkey lines. 

Semi-Automatic Filling


DPMC & DVPC machines are suitable for semi-dense, viscous, and cream products. Especially designed for cosmetic, pharmaceutic, toiletry and food industries.

DPMC is a pneumatic filling machine by volumetric pump with a filling capacity from 1ml up to 50ml.

DVPC design is exactly the same but has a different filling capacity from 10ml to 5000ml.

Optional equipment:

  • Hopper or Infeed suction pipe
  • Positive shut-off nozzles
  • Heating system for hot filling and product agitator into hopper
  • Change parts for liquid filling
  • Level control into hopper

Automatic Filling

OMAS IN-LINE FILLER 4, 6, 8 and 10 heads

The in-line filling lines have been specially designed for pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food industries and are suitable for filling liquids, creamy (hot fill or cold) and powder products.

The linear conveyor version or puck version is suitable for bottles that are more unique in shape and therefore more unstable and it operates by inserting the bottles into pucks.

  • Options available to suit different products
  • Automatic depucker option also available
  • Servomotor filling system with control panel adjustments
  • Servomotor diving nozzle system with control adjustments
  • Easy cleaning machine profile
  • The frame of the machine is made of 304 stainless steels
  • The contact parts with the product are made of 316L stainless steel or FDA approved materials
  • Easy disassembly of contact parts for cleaning
  • Diving nozzles with bottom-up filling
  • Shut off nozzle
  • User friendly control panel operations
  • Sensors and photocells to control all machine processes
  • All stations are provided with scales for easy setup and quick change over time.