What We Offer


Our sales department plays a vital role in the success of our business. Its unique and important task is to work closely with the customer and to bridge the gap between their potential needs and the product/services most suitable to fulfil their requirements.

Our high quality and innovative packaging solutions as well as excellent customer service helped us build ongoing, long-term relationships with our customers encouraging repeat purchases and brand loyalty.

Project Management

Project Management plays a lead role in our company when planning, executing, monitoring, controlling, and closing projects for our customers. Our aim is to understand their specific needs and with the help of our partners to always meet their expectations.

On every project we work closely with our customers and our partners to make sure that all the machinery we supply can fit into the required space in their factories, packing halls and clean rooms. We also look at how we can reduce the number of change parts and ways to make the change parts as flexible and cost efficient as possible.

With the use of our 3D printer, we make up trial or protype parts to try on the machinery, once we are happy, we manufacture them in other materials.

For every project, we also manage and run FATs here on our site or at our partners’ sites. Most of the time the customer is present and together, we make sure the project meets all agreed specifications and H & S standards.

Engineering & Design

We work with clients across a range of industries providing services from concepts to prototype designs and creation of engineering drawings.

We can facilitate the manufacture of parts here on-site by using both traditional methods as well as modern 3D printing techniques.

2D CAD drawings and 3D Solidworks design software help us create sophisticated and realistic models and give us a fantastic insight into the way our design will look without it actually being made, a powerful asset when presenting our work to customers.

Our focus is to offer our customers quick solutions to suit all their needs. Our team brings an invaluable level of expertise, so even if our client is working with another supplier, we will work with them to ensure both production lines merge together seamlessly.

Service & Technical Support Team

The primary focus of our engineering support team is to offer ad-hoc specialist assistance and to resolve a technical problem either over the phone or on-site. Any emergency breakdown callouts are responded to immediately and we normally send our engineers within 24-48 hours of when the incident was first reported. In most situations, the ultimate measure of success is that the customer can resume production.

Our engineering service team is the face of the organization and the frontline when customers require assistance. Our forward-thinking engineers aim to approach problems proactively and provide a high-quality, class-leading service.

Through the service work department, we can offer service contracts, installation, commissioning, training, troubleshooting and on-site surveys.

Alongside this service, we also provide full support for our partners packaging machinery such as Omas, Axomatic, OMS and Pentavac.


Unavailability of the right parts may have a serious, negative impact on our customers production that can cause downtime and schedule interruptions.

Our after-sale customer service is designed to meet our growing customers’ needs and give them the support to keep their machines and packaging lines in production. We can provide all the spare parts that our customers may require and together with our partners, we ensure a fast and reliable supply. In order to increase the speed and accuracy of our service, Excel team has invested considerable amount of time in implementing new inventory management system that will ensure smooth order processing.